"The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts." -Marcus Aurelius

Clear The Mental Blocks That Stop You Living The Life You Want (Without Hours Of Meditation, Prayer or Cold Plunges)

Learn to neutralize emotions that get in the way of you actualizing your potential, bring balance to your mind and find the calm that allows the freedom to do anything you desire!

Overcome self-doubt, frustration, and even deep resentments that you’ve held onto for decades (speaking from personal experience!)

Ready to go?


Why Should I
Unf*ck My Mind?

Your best life is on the other side of better thinking.

How you think is the bedrock to the life you live, the quality of your relationships, the amount of your limitless potential you can tap into.

Yet most people go through their lives bogged down by thoughts that don’t serve them, hold them back and lead to nothing but deathbed regret.

The fact you are on this page tells me you don’t want to be one of those people – am I right?

So what can we do to combat these thoughts?

I can tell you now, excessive positivity is not the answer.

Trying to pretend negative doesn’t exist is only lying to yourself, and goes against the nature of the universe.

For positive to exist, there must be negative – the universal law of balance.

And balance is what we’re striving for here.

The Unf*ck Your Mind process is a neuroscience backed way of bringing balance to the mind, so it’s no longer held hostage by negativity.

It cost me $7800 to learn this process for a comprehensive program, but I wanted to put my own spin on things and make it available to the masses… I only hope I’m charging enough for you to take this seriously.


How Does It Work,
And Who Is It For?

Spiritual enlightenment not required

The Unf*ck Your Mind process comes housed in a Notion template, along with a tutorial video running you through exactly what to do.

For lack of a better word, it is guided journaling; you use the questions & prompts provided to take your mind through a journey that results in you feeling calmer, empowered and free of constraints.

If we think of a person as a super computer…

The body is the hardware (the physical)

The mind as the software (what runs it all)

And you are the user (the one telling it what to do)…

If you’ve ever used a computer that’s past it’s best, you’ll know those things get slowed down eventually – no matter how ground breaking it was when released!

The same is true of your mind. 

Its bogged down by an abundance of files that are no longer important or relevant.

You can think of this process as one of those programs that clears your computer of all the junk that is stopping it from working as well as it could (personally I use CleanMyMac).

And much like your computer at home, it doesn’t require any of the usual “woo-woo” personal development practices:

  • Meditation
  • Cold Plunges
  • 5am Wake Up
  • Carnivore Diet
  • Vegan Diet
  • Affirmations
  • Hugging Strangers

If you’re into those things, great! This will still work for you.

But if you’re not, no stress… this process cuts out all of that stuff that puts many people off from working on themselves.


What My Students Say

Genuine testimonials from students I’ve used this process with 1-1


Who Are You To Teach This?

Welcome to the world of RAD

Hey, I’m Rob

Professionally known as Robert Alexander Doran, but if we’re gunna be friends you can call me Rob.

I’ve struggled with my mindset since I can remember.

As a toddler I was VIOLENTLY ADHD.

I have struggled with depression for my entire adult life.

I spent 16 years as a functioning alcoholic.

My mind has rarely been a friend to me, in fact much of the time it’s been my worst enemy.

But unlike any other enemy that you would vanquish or maybe run away from… it was always there.

I knew it was on me to make a change and tame the beast known as my mind.

In 2022, I took the $7800 program I mentioned before…

The first time I went through this process, I dealt with a resentment I’d held for 15 years. 

It was as if a huge weight was lifted, and the possibility of being free from the mind-prison-life-sentence I’d been serving finally felt possible.

And I say this all to make a single point:

I get it.

Working to create a strong mindset is something most people never consider.

But I’ve been through the process myself, and now I’m here to help you think better too.

You might not believe that to be possible right now, but hopefully I can negate that lack of self belief…

I believe in you,

1: Because I believe in myself to give you the tools you need and

2: Because I’ve seen what my students have been able to do.

And you’re next!


The Time To Unf*ck Your Mind Is Now

Get instant access.

All in all, I think we can both agree that everyone has mind junk they could do with clearing out.

Unfortunately, I know that most people will not put in the time and thought required to break free.

But if you’re someone that values true creativity, authenticity, and curiosity (if you’ve got this far, I believe you do) then you are one of the few that will put in that time & thought.

I’ve done it.

My clients have done it.

Are you next?

I hope to see you inside.



Ditch the junk thoughts that are holding you back, bring balance to your mind – all without the usual woo-woo.

  • Instant access to the custom Notion template.

  • 20 minute tutorial giving you all the knowledge needed for maximum results.
  • Neutralize Anger, Frustration, Resentment, Fear & Anxiety, Self Doubt, Judgement, Guilt & Shame, Grief & Loss, Depression and Infatuation.

  • Start today for results right out of the gate.


I've Got Answers

Ensuring you make the right decision.

Do I Need Any Prior Experience?

Nope. As long as you have the intention of creating a strong mindset and aren’t a quitter, this will work for you. The people that will see the best results are those that soak up the information given, and implement like crazy.

Do I Need A Notion Account?

To use the process as I’ve laid it out, yes. You can sign up for free, duplicate the initial page into your account and get rocking & rolling.

If you choose not have a Notion account, you can take the questions & prompts and put them wherever you will find the most use for them.

How Long Will It Take To Start Seeing Results?

Just like every aspect of life, you will be training a muscle. You will have to practice, put in the reps, and get better with time. However, I can be confident that you will get an incredible buzz after completing your first process run through, which you could do today if you got your head down. It’s all boils down to your commitment & consistency. 

Is This A Self Paced Course, Community, Or Cohort?

This is a self-paced process, it works as a guided journalling practice.

Is Have Anxiety/Depression, Will This Help?

It has helped with my depression massively – but you are not me, so I can’t tell you the extent it will help.

What I will say, is that this is not a replacement for medical advice/treatment. I cannot take responsibility for it being seen as such.

Have more questions? Send me an email with your question and I’ll get it answered!

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