Simple workflow for creating sick reels

Create Hormozi-style videos for Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook Reels and Youtube Shorts

Here’s my 7 steps to creating sick reels:

Number one: Shoot the footage you need something to work with.

Number two: Import everything into Adobe Premiere Pro.

Number three: Cut it all up. Get rid of the ums and ahs any crap that isn’t going to work. Deal with the jump cut going from full frame to zoomed in.

Number four: Use the auto transcribe tool to create all of the subtitles.

Number five: Export an SRT file and re-import that as an X amount to be able to edit the subtitles as graphics.

Number six: Add all of the colors and the rotations onto the subtitles.

Number seven: Add all of the sound effects. And then number eight, finally out all the emojis.

Boom! We’re done. You’ve got a great reel!