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My exact processes for creating high quality reels,
Learn for yourself or offload to your team!

Want to create reels that look like
Alex Hormozi's, Grant Cardone's
& Ryan Pineda's?

Now you can! 

These documents detail my exact process for planning, shooting and editing high quality reels.

Here’s what’s included:

How to plan at scale without ever running out of ideas.
How to set up and shoot so it looks like you’ve had professional dress up your set.
A full gear list of everything I use, including amazon links.
My step by step editing process, which is the most streamlined that I’ve seen taught… while nailing the ‘Hormozi Style’ aesthetic.

What does this mean for you?

No more:
Wondering how the professionals do it
Trying to figure things out on your own
❌ Endless discussions about creative differences with your editor
Time wasted trying to find someone that knows everything thats covered!

Who is this for?

You want great quality reels

You’re not a total technophobe (or at least your team member isn’t)

You can follow instructions

These documents will either help you level up your reels creation, or have the best starting point possible.

Who is this not for?

This really isn’t for you if:

You’re not open to learning


You don’t have a team-member/assistant/editor that can learn this for you


❌ You, your team member and everyone around you have ZERO creativity


NOTE: Although this material is conceptual, these documents have been written in relation to the tech I use personally.

Even if you don’t have exactly the same tech set up as me, the concepts laid out in these documents will save you hundreds of hours in research, trial and error.

Who is Robert Alexander Doran?

Award winning filmmaker.
Has been in video production for 16 years.
Guitarist of 21 years.
Would like to be better at golf (currently playing off 15 handicap)

Doesn’t like avocado, egg plant or zucchini
Hasn’t watched Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad 
❌ Doesn’t get the concept of ‘mumble rap’
Hates seeing people create awful videos, when they can drop only $67 to learn how to create amazing content!

DISCLAIMER: If these processes are followed to the word, you are going to create great videos.
However, Robert A Doran LTD takes no responsibility for your ability to execute or delegate in a way that gets results.
If you have any issues you are welcome to contact Robert A Doran LTD.

All sales are final, no refunds given unless in extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of Robert A Doran LTD.