Use this to instantly speed up your editing!

Create Hormozi style videos for Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook Reels and Youtube Shorts

Editing hack (quicker cuts)

If you’re taking more than an hour, chances are you can speed things up using text styles and pasting attributes.

If you don’t know what that means basically in Premiere Pro you can change every subtitle on your timeline in two clicks by putting a text style on to the whole lot you create the text style first and then you can edit edit all of your subtitles at once.

I also do something similar to get the rotation on these subtitles.

So I’ll pick out a whole bunch to be anti-clockwise and a whole bunch to be clockwise and then edit one and paste the attribute across the timeline for all the rest of them.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Hopefully it’s a little tip that can speed up your editing.