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Wanna know how to date 7 Playboy models at once, while snorting enough cocaine to pop the heart of a small rhino?

Then this isn’t for you (I’m as bummed about that as you are!)

But if you’re interested in self improvement, online business, personal branding, content creation with a dash of stoic philosophy thrown in for good measure… that’s exactly what’s on offer. Being Rad isn’t about the women & drugs!


Being Rad blog

In-depth insights on self improvement, online business, personal branding & content creation.

About me

who is robert alexander doran?

Award winning filmmaker, guitarist and weekend golfer.

Hey, I'm Rob

Professionally known as Robert Alexander Doran, but if we’re gunna be friends you can call me Rob.

I created my first video at the ripe age of 14 years old.

Since then I’ve won a Royal Television Society Award, made countless music videos, brand videos, travelled to Portugal & South Korea as a camera operator, and have edited thousands of short form videos for clients.

After years in the trenches, it was time to build leverage… utilising my skills for my personal brand as a solo creator and helping others through the knowledge I have. 

Hopefully through my content, courses, cohorts & consultancy (I like alliteration) I can improve your experience in both content creation & life!