Thank you for your interest in featuring on the Being Rad Podcast!

The purpose of Being Rad is to have open, honest and genuine conversations about content creation, personal development & business on a whole.

The podcast is a video conversation, help remotely and utilising Riverside.FM… no shoddy zoom recordings.

With the focus being on genuine conversation, you do not need to prepare anything in particular… just show up as your authentic self and be ready to have a blast!

We’ll have an hour blocked out. This will give us chance to chat for 10/15 minutes before hitting record, and then the episode itself will be 40-45 mins long.

I want to respect your time as much as possible, so there isn’t any sort of discovery chat or pre-recording call. We’ll just dive straight in!

So if you’re an entrepreneur (especially coaches, consultants & course creators), using content in their marketing strategy and have a story to tell… I wanna interview you! 

You can book a time below. 

After choosing a time, you’ll be required to answer a few questions, this is so I can do a little research and we can get right into a deep conversation on your episode!


Robert Alexander Doran