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How I Landed A $12,300 Per Month Client, Why You Shouldn’t & What To Do Instead

When I started in business, I made a lot of mistakes. A LOT.

One of them was trying to make as much money as possible, with as little effort or work as possible.

Second was taking advice from people I didn’t really resonate with, purely based on their claims of success.

So let’s go back to late 2020.

I’m “running” an SMMA business, offering Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO & Web Design.

Somehow, I’d made ends meet since quitting my job to do this full time in 2019…

But realistically I was broke.

There were many months where I made nothing, and thankfully my girlfriend was supportive and got us through.

I didn’t want to take sales calls so I had found a guy called Steve that was willing to work on a commission only basis – mistake number 3.

Through LinkedIn, Steve had met Jim. 

Jim was the VP of Sales for a company in Florida that was doing 8 figures in revenue.

But they were stuck launching their outdoor living brand.

After a short conversation with Jim, it became clear that they hadn’t even tried Facebook ads.

And here is where I got something right… We did a trial month, in which they got more leads than they ever expected. Win.

This led to them signing up for Facebook Ads. $3,500 management fee.

They then opted to add SEO at $1,800 a month and Google Ads at $2,000 a month.

This was all for the outdoor living brand they were launching. 

But a week later, they also asked for a more comprehensive SEO package for their parent company – the one doing 8 figures – another $5000 per month.

So $12,300 in monthly recurring revenue. 

I was on top of the world – but I’d fucked up big time.

Mistake number 4, along with avoiding sales, I was avoiding fulfilment.

I had partnered with what was (supposed to be) a very reputable white label agency.

And here’s the thing, to this day I still know very little about SEO & Google Ads.

But seeing what was possible, I started to learn more, thinking that if I could sell more packages like this, I’d be set for life.

The more I learned, the more I could see that this company was using black hat strategies and not fulfilling on what they had promised.  

I watched as things on the backend went from bad to worse…

But back in the real world, things weren’t any better…

Towards the end of my time with that client, it came to light that Jim had been a pathological liar.

Everything he’d promised the CEO, everything he said he’d been doing to build the company…it was all BS.

If there’s anything you really, really don’t want in business, it’s to be affiliated with a serial liar. It puts you under scrutiny, no matter how pure your intentions are. Hello mistake number 6.

And to compound this, the CEO (who I never met) had taken his Trump support to the next level – he didn’t want to be working with a Brit like me… at least that’s what I was told. 

So, after 6 months of life changing money coming my way from a single client, it all came crashing down. 


Losing that client was like being smashed in the face, chest, stomach and nuts, with a sledgehammer, repeatedly… for months after.

Ultimately I’m grateful that it didn’t last.

I learned more than I ever would if I’d been allowed to continue cruising.

I wouldn’t have ever looked at the world of coaching had I not lost them.

So the personal growth that came from that loss has been invaluable.

But that’s easy to say in hindsight. At the time, my confidence was totally shot.

Which brings me to mistake number 7.

Being in that business to start with.

Setting things up with a broken model.

Learning from ‘mentors’ who I had next to nothing in common with.

The only defense I have is that the information available then wasn’t what it is today.

So why shouldn’t you land a client like this?

If you’re at a place where you are charging almost that amount, or even half that, and you have solid processes in place for client acquisition, fulfillment and you believe wholeheartedly in your business model… then you should. By all means.

But if you are where I was…

In a business you think is right because you don’t know what else is possible.

Where you’ve outsourced the most important parts of your business.

And you’ve never made that sort of money before.

Learn from my mistakes – Don’t try and land a client like that.

So what should you do?

1: Figure out what business is best for you.

Learn the skills before you ever outsource, so if everything goes to shit with your team, you can always step into the fulfillment.

You’re able to bet on yourself.

If your business relies on the abilities of a white label agency, you don’t have a solid business.

2: Build up to charging high amounts.

So many gurus out there will tell you to just “raise your prices”, and while there may be truth in this, it’s far better to know your over-delivering than over-charging.

3: Don’t avoid the hard work.

Everyone has been sold the dream of working a couple of hours a day from a beach, probably in Hawaii – but you don’t get to that overnight. Stop trying to take shortcuts.

And there’s a difference between shortcuts and workarounds. You don’t have to spend every day on 15 sales calls, there are other ways – but you have to learn a way to sell, not just bring someone on and put all your dreams in their hands.  

4: Find mentors who have actually built the life & business you’d want.

Everyone loves Alex Hormozi, but I wouldn’t trade my life for his. Ever.

I no longer have any aspiration to run a huge team.

Whereas with Dan Koe, I resonate with his philosophy far, far more.

Can you learn from both? Yes. 

Am I ever going to try and replicate what Hormozi has done? No.

Would I like to replicate what Dan Koe has achieved? Yes.

Trying to be like someone who is living a life that wouldn’t be right for you is a really dumb thing to do. 

And finally, understand this…

If you’re in business solely to make a lot of money, you’ll probably fail.

But if you do succeed, no amount of money will keep you from feeling empty.

Use your business to help people, to create connections, follow your curiosity and ultimately find fulfillment.

Until next time…

Keep Being Rad.

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